Encapsulated Nanodroplet Crystallisation (ENaCt)

ENaCt is a new approach to the crystallisation of small organic molecules using high-throughput robotics. Working with SPT LabTech and in collaboration with Dr Mike Probert, we have shown that through the use of oil-encapsulation, evaporative loss from nanoliter scale droplets of small molecules in organic solvents can be controlled, allowing controlled growth of single crystals suitable for single crystal X-ray crystallography. These experiments can be set-up through standard liquid handling robotics, allowing high-throughput screening of crystallisation conditions coupled with high success rates for sample limited small molecules. We have shown that ENaCt is capable of growing crystals of a wide range of small organic and inorganic molecules, including natural products, highly challenging substrates ("uncrystallisables"), and can even be used in the discovery of new polymorphs. 

You can read more about ENaCt in the following publications:

1) Tyler ARM, Ragbirsingh R, McMonagle CJ, Waddell PG, Heaps SE, Steed JW, Thaw P, Hall MJ, Probert MR. Encapsulated Nanodroplet Crystallisation of Organic-Soluble Small Molecules. Chem  2020, (7), 1755-1765.


Indicatrix Crystallography Ltd

Based on our ENaCt technology Drs Hall, Probert and Winstanley have founded a spin-out company Indicatrix Crystallography to provide commercial small molecule crystallisation and X-ray analysis services. Please get in touch via the website (www.indicatrix.co.uk) or via Science Exchange for more (Order on Science Exchange).