Dr Michael J Hall

Dr Hall is a Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University. Born in Scotland, Dr Hall lived in the UK, the USA and Belgium before moving back to the UK to study chemistry at Brasenose College, Oxford (1999), including a MChem project in the group of Professor Harry Anderson. This was followed by a DPhil at the Dyson Perrins Laboratory and Linacre College, Oxford with Professor Jeremy Robertson working on organosilicon chemistry. Subsequently Dr Hall completed postdoctoral positions at University College Dublin, with Professor Donal O'Shea, and at the ESPCI ParisTech, with Professor Janine Cossy. In 2007 Dr Hall was appointed as a Teaching Fellow at Newcastle University before taking his current position in as a Lecturer in 2008 and Senior Lecturer in 2016.

See his academic family tree here (http://academictree.org/chemistry/tree.php?pid=756946&pnodecount=4&cnodecount=2&fontsize=1)